Times that Duolingo has been spot-on!

Now, we all know Duolingo can throw out some strange sentences that make you think “when on earth would I use them”.  But sometimes Duolingo is spookily accurate. 

First time

For six months in 2019, my brother and his girlfriend (S&K) lived with me.  One evening they helped me sort out my study, which had been a dumping room pretty much since I’d moved in.  After the fifth or sixth unopened letter we found, some of which were dating back to before I’d moved, it became a running joke that I don’t open my letters. 

They left last November and this little sentence popped up a couple of weeks ago – Duolingo is picking up where they left off!

Second time

S&K have a cat – the Fluff-Ball.  Their neighbour has a pig in their garden.  Despite The Fluff-Ball being a solitary kinda animal.  The kind who thinks she’s hard but her version of that is to stare unrelentingly at someone/thing then running away if they move even slightly.  No friends kinda woman.  Anyway, she loves the pig.  Proper hang-out buddies.  You heard it from Duo first!

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